So that your home provides a healthy climate - at any time!

The problem

If there is a group of people in room, the air will be „used“ soon. This is no suprise: Every human needs oxygen and and leaves carbondioxid, steam, heat und individual body odor in his enviroment.

Furthermore emission of building material, furniture and other device make the room climate worse.

Consequnces are well know problems like mould, fine particle and allergies.


The solution

You want to make sure your home, your office, the conference room and any other room have a healthy climate?

The idevices Air Quality Sensor shows you what’s happening in the air you’re surrounded by. No matter if it’s about the right temperature or about the right humidity for asthmatics: The Air Quality Sensor measures the most important data, refers to possible complications and formerly helps you to correct these.

Different colors on the Sensor signal the Air Quality and warn you of harmful substance in your air.

idevices Air Quality Sensor

So that your home provides a healthy climate - at any time!

Air Quality Sensor

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The product


Integrable into almost all the leading Smart Home eco Systems


for free and easy to use


  • makes remote access possible
  • allows sharing of Sensors
  • connects with Smart Home Systems
  • configures the Sensors

for free and easy to use

The sensor represents your air quality by different colours.

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