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So that your home provides a healthy climate - at any time!

1. Registration, capable with


2. Connect your Air Quality Sensors with WiFi-network



3. Home Page:

Sensors overview and values of a Sensor


  • Monitoring of Air Quality based on following values:
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Organische compounds in the air (TVOC): Chemical vapor
  • CO2-content in the air
  • Room temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Relative humidty
  • Weather information from Deutscher Wetterdienst
  • Danger, like tiredness (too much CO2), dryness of muscosa / mold (low or high humidity), migraine (changing air pressure) and high costs of energy (because of wrong temperature management) will be avoided


4. Latest Sensor values


  • all Sensors for this value in comparison
  • latest value is shown in a clear scale
  • allows changing fastly between IAQ, TVOC, CO2, humidity und temperature






5. Monitoring of Sensor values


  • historical values in different graphs
  • easily changing between different periods of time
  • saving data and analysis in the Cloud allows comporison












6. Settings


  • adding a new Sensors
  • summary of all devices in different order
  • configures shown Sensor value, LED on/ off, value of diming in % and Sensor-threshold
  • defines place and name of the Sensor
  • gives status of the Sensor-Software and connected Smart Home Systems

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