Is it possible to apply the Air Quality Sensor outdoors?

The Air Quality Sensor is designed for measuring the air quality indoors and is invested with the enclosure type IP20. Therefore, it is not possible to provide a protection against water penetration. For this reason we don't recommend a permanent use outdoors.

Is the Air Quality Sensor suitable for fixed installation?

It is possible to stick the Air Quality Sensor on a lot of surfaces by means of Tesa Powerstrips. A clean cable guide can be achieved if you use an USB-outlet or an angle plug.

Which measured values does the Air Quality Sensor provide?

The Air Quality Sensor provides values about temperature, relative humidity, air pressure andCO2 content in the air. Also the amount of organic compounds (total volatile organic components, TVOC) is measured and the air quality is displayed by the Indoor Air Quality Standard (IAQ).

Can I integrate the Air Quality Sensor into my Smart Home System?


The Air Quality Sensor is integrable into all the leading Smart Home Systems. You can find a list of all the suitable systems here.

Is ist possible to opereate the Air Quality Sensor on batteries?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. A stable WiFi-connection for an appropriate amount of time can only be achieved by the use of a power adaptor.

What does measurement of air quality according to IAQ and TVOC mean?

Volatile Organic Components (VOC) are chemical substances that vaporize easily and are present as gas already at low temperatures. For instance, they are transpired by colours, varnish and emplastics often used in furniture or electronic devices and consequently get to the breathing air. There are limit values for each substance. But the effect of these substances is fairly complex. That is why not every single substance, but the interaction of all these organic components is held responsible for afflictions in the interior. Therefore it makes sense to measure the sum of these VOCs in the room air to provide a reliable assessment.


Also an index value regarding the present gas is calculated, called Indoor Air Quality Standard (IAQ). It extends from 0 to 500; with 0 meaning a very good and 500 meaning a very bad air quality.

Is ist possible to tutn off the LEDs on the Air Quality Sensor?

Yes, you can turn the LEDs off using the App.

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