Air Quality Sensor

So that your home provides a healthy climate - at any time!

  • Features precise sensors powered by                                                                     the worldwide leading supplier for sensor technology.


  • Ensures a review of the room climate in...
  • conference rooms
  • children's rooms
  • class rooms
  • living rooms
  • basements
  • garages
  • offices
  • The idevices App is for free and monitors, analyzes and interprets data about your air precisly. Therefore latest information about weather is included.

  • because of the Cloud you have a worldwide access to your room climate
  • For more information download the Product sheet:

Use Cases in different rooms:

The Product sheet
idevices Produktblatt.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.3 MB


Sensor and mains adaptor

  • the LEDs are dimable and able to turn off abschaltbar (bedroom)
  • is charging with an USB mains adapter and needs little power.
  • is connect with the internet by your local WiFi network.
  • the installation is very easy.
  • the plain and beautiful design allows a discreet placing (Ø 70 height 32 mm)
  • Made in Germany guarantees high quality and a long life span of the product.

Technical data

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Made in Germany